The top 4 reasons why health coaching could be right for you!

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Health coaching is on the rise and for good reason. With so much information available to us through the internet, knowing what is right for you can be overwhelming. Having that one person who understands your goals, is available to truly listen and hold you accountable to make sustainable lifestyle changes, is key. The benefits are numerous, but below are our top 5.

  1. Health coaches are invested in seeing you achieve your health and wellness goals. Unlike seeing your health care provider in an office for 10 mins occasionally, a health coach spends 50-60 mins each week on average to dive deep into your goals, your why behind making healthier choices ,and provides small achievable steps to get there.

  2. What got you off track in the first place? Health coaches address the root cause of your unwanted habits and pinpoint the triggers that keep you from attaining your wellness goals.

  3. Sometimes we need some accountability. How many times do we start to make changes only to go back to our unhealthy habits a couple days or weeks later. Having an expert to understand your personal triggers and hold you accountable consistently can be the key to your success long term.

  4. Outside of your circle confidant. Your health coach provides an objective perspective to really hear you and offer guidance. Often the people we turn to can be triggers for us and thus unable to provide the truth and support we need.

In this recent NBC 25 segment Bill offers his inspirational story and experience with health coaching.

Jen Ream