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Wellness coaching

Receive personalized wellness coaching from sisters Jennifer Ream, RN, BSN, and Christine Landaal BBA, CHHC. As holistic health & lifestyle coaches they are dedicated to guiding, supporting, and uplifting their clients to they attain their desired goals of weight, healthy relationships, purpose, and most importantly balance in their everyday lives.
Schedule a free 15 minute in person or phone consultation by emailing us!


 Use our wellness studio!

We want our customers to feel welcome to use The Wellness Studio; whether you are waiting on an order from the bar, or came in because you need a few moments to yourself, it is there and you are welcome! Grab a book, bring your headphones and journal, or ask someone from our team to put a guided meditation on over the speaker. Whatever you feel will allow you to recharge, we encourage! So stop in and have a moment for YOU, recharge YOUR soul, and show YOURSELF some love.

The Vibe Tribe

P.S. - Please be mindful of events we have scheduled in the wellness space and of course use the manners your mother taught you!

book the studio for an event

We have a handful of business or corporate partners that use our studio for their services, private events, or as a meeting place. Give us a shout and let’s see how we can work together!

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