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 The Wellness Studio


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Wellness coaching

Receive personalized wellness coaching from sisters Jennifer Ream, RN, BSN, and Christine Landaal BBA, CHHC. As holistic health & lifestyle coaches they are dedicated to guiding, supporting, and uplifting their clients to they attain their desired goals of weight, healthy relationships, purpose, and most importantly balance in their everyday lives. Schedule a free 15 minute in person or phone consultation by emailing

Personal meditation coaching

Trice’s coaching is based on the the principles of mindfulness meditation, which allow people insights through the practice of skills she teaches. The same skills are applied to creating positive life changes. Trice’s unique ability to facilitate greater self-awareness allows her clients to more quickly overcome obstacles. Schedule a consultation by contacting Trice at



What etiquette should I follow?

  • Arrive early to allow yourself time to sign in, use the restroom if needed and get comfortable. We welcome you to enter the space up to 15 minutes prior to the beginning of meditation. An early arrival will allow you to bring calm energy to your practice.

  • Place shoes and other personal belongings in a cube across from the restroom.

  • Smartphones may be used for self-guided drop-in meditation but leave them in a secure area outside of the meditation space for guided meditations or workshops.

  • Food and beverages may only be consumed in the dining area.

  • Limit the scents you wear to essential oils.

  • Walk, move and close the door as if you are meditating ~ quietly, slowly, gently, and with intention.

  • Reserve talking, singing, humming, chanting, or other noise, for appropriate times during workshops only.

  • Intend to stay for the duration of the meditation. If you’re called to leave please do so mindfully.

  • If adjustments to the room are necessary please see a member of the Vibe Tribe to make adjustments.

Where do I begin?

Our Guided Meditations and Meditation 101 Workshops are a great place to start!

What do I wear?

While there are no specific requirements, other than to remove your shoes before entering the meditation studio, we recommend you choose something comfortable. Business attire is welcomed and you can rest assured that the studio is kept to a high standard of cleanliness.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just yourself unless you are using the studio for a self-guided meditation and would like to use your smartphone with an app. We have small and large meditation cushions, backjacks, blankets, and headphones. If special accommodations are necessary please give us a call at (810) 208-0201.

Are children allowed to be in the meditation studio? 

Absolutely! We are committed to teaching children the art and science of meditation as we believe the tools meditation provides are an invaluable resource for living an authentic, peaceful and happy life. See our calendar for kid-friendly classes and workshops. All other classes and workshops are for ages 16 and older.