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We have engaged with the following companies to bring mindfulness to their employees or clients:

Creative Foam, GM, CS Partners, U of M, Serendipity Spa, Southern Lakes Parks & Rec, the YWCA of Flint, and numerous school districts.


Anytime, Anywhere. Your location. Or Ours. Vibe Well believes that mindfulness should be part of every business culture and we can help create a program to get your workplace started, from introductory lunch n learns to the development of onsite meditation areas and even programs where employees get a wellness pass punched for every meditation they attend.

A regular meditation practice has been shown to increase employee presenteeism and satisfaction at work, reduce absenteeism, injuries and stress, improve overall health and have a positive effect on the bottom line. Other benefits include an increase in happiness, productivity, focus, creativity and marked improvement in relationships.

Contact us to custom design a plan that works for your business.


corporate offerings

Employee wellness program | 10-sessions| $75

Allows employees access to classes at Vibe Well
(One session equals one person attending a single class)


Vibe Well creates and facilitates retreats, designed to fit into an existing company retreat or as a full-day experience that provides an opportunity for employees to more fully experience stillness within and better learn to incorporate mindfulness into their lives.

Classes are custom designed with your company's specific goals in mind and are based on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), which is the standard by which most research on the benefits of meditation have been found. Each class lasts one hour.

single session  |  $225 

4-week program  |  $800

8-week program.  |  $1,600